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 Feedback on Donator Perks

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PostSubject: Feedback on Donator Perks   Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:51 am

My name jeff wrote:
[x] Added Expedition Tokens to some Donation Packages. These will guarantee a Boss at the end of an expedition. You will still need to pay the Command Point cost of starting an expedition. These Tokens will be consumed when you start an expedition.

I plan to add a cute unique chat box icon to every person who has supported the server with any amount. It will be a little rainbow, it's dope trust me.

I will also add in permanent CS:GO Knife crates to donation packages. I honestly don't really know how or when I'm going to implement this but I completely intend to offer something of the sort. tl;dr more free stuff to donators.

As discussed above, permanent vape crates may become a thing for donators. Still up in the air, but I'm thinking hard on this. Let me know what you guys think.

-I believe the chat box icon is a cool idea, but i have no idea what it will look like.

-I support the permanent CS:GO knifes crate, but the perma DC-15 skin is kind of dumb in my opinion. Half of the skins from the mod look like shit, and are really low rez. I managed to get a fucking 2009 rage face gun.

-As for vapes? I think donators should get the helium vape to mess around with during down time.

Recomendation: Custom emotes for the chat box. For example, after donating, someone could send you an emote or image they want to be able to use in game.

Will donator stats ever be a thing? If its just not possible, let me know.

Thank you for your time. -Shephard
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PostSubject: Re: Feedback on Donator Perks   Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:42 pm

Yeah donator DarkRPG2 skill/talent points were supposed to be a thing but it kinda got messed up because it applied to everyone. The only fix I can think of right now is to define every group with their respective skill points and hopefully that solves the issue.

In my opinion the DC-15a skins are better because they're actually practical. Some might look like poo, but it's different than the default and that's technically a skin. They can't all be good because that's just a subjective question. If you do get a skin you don't like, you could sell it for CP or trade it to someone else for a different skin/knife/sexual favors.

Custom chat emotes could be a free thing rather than donator...it's a good idea and I'll think about it. I'll most likely add the chat icon in the near future, followed by the knife cases, and then test the donator stats, etc.
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Feedback on Donator Perks
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