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 Arena Creator's Staff Application

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PostSubject: Arena Creator's Staff Application   Sat May 26, 2018 12:11 am

1. Steam Name/RP name + Steam ID:
A= Arena Creator STEAM_0:0:33928988

2. Something unique about you:
A= I enjoy working on Computers and building/rebuilding computers.

3. Age:
A= 20

4. Previous Experience:
A= Doodie's Roleplay Server, Doodie's Combat Minge Server, SPTZ Gaming DarkRP Server, ChaosNetwork DarkRP Server.

5: What you can bring to Dark Matter RolePlay:
A= My experience from past with administrating other servers. Also myself to help in situations to diffuse them and clear up disagreements.

6. Have you read the rules?
A= Yes, I have read the rules and have suggested others as well.

7. Have you read the Admin Policy?
A= Yes, I have read the Admin Policy and understand the policies.

8. Do you have a microphone?
A= Yes, I have and use my mic frequently while sometimes I use text to players in noisy situations.

9. If you could be any person in the world, who would it be and why?
A= Myself I don't feel that I would want to be someone else. The reason for not wanting to be another person is I'd rather be myself and fix what I don't like instead of avoiding them.

10. If you could be any fruit in the world, which one would it be and why?
A= Blood Orange because it is less acidic than I regular orange. Making it less toxic for others. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11. Have you been banned from Dark Matter RP, if so, why and for how long?
A= No, I have not been banned from Dark Matter RP.

12. What country are you in?
A= United States

13. Is there anything that you would like changed/added/removed from Dark Matter RP from a player's perspective?
A= I would add immersive scripts and other jobs to increase the everyday feel to the server. Specific scripts I have DMed my suggestions.

14. Which server are you applying for?:
A= I am applying for Dark Matter Semi-Serious Roleplay Server.

15. Tell us anything else that you might think we would like to know about you here, last chance to make an impression:
A= When I am online my location is at my keyboard, if I am AFK my location is unknown to you, and when I am offline my location is out in the open. And also this is my hero down below...
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PostSubject: Re: Arena Creator's Staff Application   Sat May 26, 2018 12:43 pm

+ Positive
I have worked with Arena on ChaosNetwork DarkRP for a short period before he left the community. Arena is one of the best staff members that i have known and hes always inforcing the rules. As well as helping out.
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Arena Creator's Staff Application
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