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 Event Ideas for Game Masters

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PostSubject: Event Ideas for Game Masters   Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:06 am

This is a topic i thought about bringing to the table since there hasn't been one like it yet.(that I've seen) So in this topic i'll put some ideas for events, i think of, if any GM wants to use them.

The Venator has been attacked by CIS forces. They have disabled our ship. There are to many droids for us to handle by ourselves. We must request aid from our allies. To do that we have to take a ship to (insert Planet here) and secure the Communication array. (Upon securing the com array they attempt to contact allies) (Group Leader)This is (insert Group Leaders name here) from the Venator. The Venator has been taken by CIS forces. In order to take our ship back, we will need assistance. Any chance you can lead some aid? (Other Venator) Unfortunately, i cannot. they are trying to take our Venator and we have suffered many major losses. (right about here the com array gets attacked and the com array is damaged)(104th needs to roll 75+ to repair, 3 tries)
(Upon Success) Com array gets repaired and contact to the other Venator is restored. They request you to assist them retake their venator then they'll help you retake your venator.(End after retake Venator if u want)
(Upon Failure) Com array is broken beyond repair. (Leader) With any luck they will be able to retake their venator. But for now we must retake ours. We must see if we can find anyone that can help us on this planet and if we can't. We must go alone. (After you return to the Venator all the CIS on the ship are dead) Someone who was left behind on the ship made an emp that destroyed the CIS but it also broke some of the Venator. (104th roll 65+ to repair, 3 tries)
(Upon Success) Venator is fully functional and you are able to pilot it to a area for repairs.
(Upon Failure) Venator engine dies, so you have to aquire a new one(choices between fighting someone for one, buying it, or stealing it)

It's late atm i'll think up some more event ideas l8r and post them. If you want to.... yes I'm talking to u reader. :3 you can post some of your own ideas.
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Event Ideas for Game Masters
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