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 Daxter's GameMaster Application

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PostSubject: Daxter's GameMaster Application   Daxter's GameMaster Application I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 16, 2018 11:29 pm

1. Steam Name/RP name + Steam ID: Dax/LCPL 3751 Dax Dax + STEAM_0:0:59967550

2. Age: 22

3. Have you read the rules? Yes

4. Have you read the Admin Policy? Yes

5. Do you have a microphone? Yes

6. Have you been banned from Dark Matter RP, if so, why and for how long? No

7. What country are you in? United States

8. What's your experience on Sandbox (For example, what's your physgun/toolgun experience?) I have over 1800 hours on GMOD. I have made a ton of things and have a lot of experience with all aspects of Gmod. I have no doubt in my skills with these tools in setting up events.

9. Previous experience: I have experience being an Admin on two other DarkRp servers and have been for Jailbreak. I have never been a gamemaster, but I have observed that you require a couple more Game Masters that can set up decent events.

For Numbers 10-12 please type out a backstory for an event you WOULD do (3 separate not related events):

10. Droids have taken over an unexplored planet, our mission is to secure the planet and rescue the locals. Citizen casualties will not be tolerated and will be punishable. We proceed to the planet only to encounter a crash landing and everyone's health set to 50%. The clones are then ambushed as they are trying to organize. Leaders scramble to lead the troops. From here the troopers either die due to firepower or they get out of the ambush to secure the planet after they have organized and healed up. They also have no armor and the event is One Life.

11. Enemies dressed as our own have inhabited a planet and our communications are being scrambled from an unknown source. Teams are separated and it is up to the clone troopers to reunite and find a satellite up-link to re-gain comms. Each team will face a lot of combat on their way to the other team, but when they do re-unite will they shoot each other due to the enemy stealing their uniforms? This will be a test of leadership and teamwork!

12. A huge anomaly energy source has been detected on a nearby planet, our job is to retrieve the energy source and proceed through the planet to see if there are any adverse effects to the locals. Talk to the locals to see if there has been any odd occurrences, help them, and then evac. Be careful troopers, we do not know what we are dealing with and have to use pre-caution!
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Daxter's GameMaster Application
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