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 Star Wars New Years Continuation! 1/5/18

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PostSubject: Star Wars New Years Continuation! 1/5/18   Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:55 am

Hey guys, so for the past week I've been slowly introducing new content into the server because I've had family over for the Holidays. And now I feel like I'm ready to present to you the official patch notes and information to what's going on!

- - - - Server Addon Changes - - - -

[x] Added various Energy Weapons, these will be used in events, plasma grenade added to Doom Company, and a rail gun could be potentially added to 104th Battalion or 41st Elite Corps.

[x] Added a X-8 Energy Pistol. Originally I believed it to be an excellent Medical Corps weapon, however it doesn't fit well with classes that have a more powerful primary. For that reason, I'm going to make this pistol either a fleet and/or pilot exclusive.

[x] Added an ASMD Shock Rifle. It works just like a rail gun with a unique alternate firing mode/combo. I was thinking of using this as a 21st Nova Corps weapon for their Tier 3 job. Kind of to match the combat triangle where the Tier 1 is medium range, the Tier 2 Flame Trooper is close range, and the Tier 3 could be long range. But the issue is that this weapon isn't long range at all. I may or may not remove this in the future so I'll just tinker with it and try to find it a home in the meantime.

[x] Added Vape SWEPs. Now before you all leave and uninstall Garry's Mod, the reason why I added them was because we have nothing to lose. I'm sure you can all agree that our attitude is already extremely lax. We would like to think that we put fun first before canon. However I do realize there is a fine line between Casual and Cancer. If you guys think this is a step in the wrong direction, please voice your feedback in the appropriate forum section. I mainly added this as a fun little distraction to the monotonous life of a clone trooper. My plans for the vape is to make it a donator perk or put exclusive vape into the seasonal crates. For example, Winter Crates could have the America Vape as a very low drop percentage, along with the Rainbow DC-15a weapon skin and Marble Fade CS:GO Knives. The Spring Crate could have a butterfly vape in it, etc. Again, if you have any ideas for what we should/should not do with these, let me know in the Feedback/Suggestion forum section!

[x] Added a Prism Rifle. This is like a disintegrator shotgun rifle chaingun thing. I added this as a replacement for loss of the sci-fi lightning weapon for the 104th Battalion. Currently it's a little over-powered in my opinion and will nerf it accordingly. It also seems to cause a spike in lag when fired so we'll see how it goes.

[x] Added the Nomad. It's a small pink SMG that rapidly shoots pink laser bolts. It has automatic ammo regeneration so you will never run out of ammo with this baby! I plan to add this to the new 21st Nova Corps Tier 3 job. Currently it's a little under-powered in my opinion and will buff it accordingly.

[x] Added Halo SNPCs. The old ones were pretty cool, especially the hunter and the elites. This one is "newer" and "improved" although from my experience, wayyyy more buggy. But, they add super awesome elite and hunter variants that we can use for events, so be on the look out for those! (Yes I know we aren't a Halo RP)

[x] Added the ODST Drop Pod. Removed initially because we didn't use it that often as it was intended primarily for the 212th Attack Battalion. But now we will incorporate more into our events.

[x] Added a new Mechanized Expedition Boss. No further information can be found.

[x] Added a new Expedition Boss. No further information can be found.

[x] Fixed a missing texture issue with the leveling experience bar at the top of the HUD. I didn't realize this was an issue for everyone. It should look all nice and spiffy now Smile

- - - - Donation Changes/Plans - - - -

[x] Added Expedition Tokens to some Donation Packages. These will guarantee a Boss at the end of an expedition. You will still need to pay the Command Point cost of starting an expedition. These Tokens will be consumed when you start an expedition.

I plan to add a cute unique chatbox icon to every person who has supported the server with any amount. It will be a little rainbow, it's dope trust me.

I will also add in permanent CS:GO Knife crates to donation packages. I honestly don't really know how or when I'm going to implement this but I completely intend to offer something of the sort. tl;dr more free stuff to donators.

As discussed above, permanent vape crates may become a thing for donators. Still up in the air, but I'm thinking hard on this. Let me know what you guys think.

- - - - 104th Battalion Changes - - - -

NOTE: A clarification with the rules on drones. They are used with permission from High Command. Think of them as tanks. You don't get tanks every event unfortunately. The thing is that when you spawn in drones unexpectedly it throws gamemasters in a loop. They aren't expecting a super tanky mobile droid magnet flying around causing chaos that won't die. So radio in before the mission starts to use the larger drones. It's kind of a grey area and I'll be working to clarify key points in the future. For now, I'll try my best to better incorporate battalion specialties to events.

[x] Added Scout Drone to 104th Mechanized Trooper

[x] Removed Mine Layer from 104th Mechanized Trooper

[x] Added Bomb Drone to 104th Wolf Trooper. This drone will self-destruct and deal massive damage to entire droid columns.

[x] Removed Defender from 104th Lightning Trooper and added Defender to 104th Wolf Trooper

[x] Added Walker Drone to 104th Wolf Trooper. This massive twin-minigun walker saves countless lives on the battlefield by bolstering Republic Forces without actually putting any lives at risk. It wrecks havoc on CIS Forces, although at a steep manufacturing cost.

And yes, I'll be implementing more drones in the future. I still haven't got the config/convars right yet so EXPECT nerfs/buffs.

- - - - Future Plans - - - -

[x] We may we changing our venator map. It was taken off the workshop recently and caused us a great deal of trouble. There are also some better venator maps out there. If we do decide to change maps, have no fear, we will blow up this venator with one last hurrah.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars New Years Continuation! 1/5/18   Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:42 pm

I so excited for when that 21st class drops!!
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Star Wars New Years Continuation! 1/5/18
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