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 Pros And Cons Of The Medic Mod

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PostSubject: Pros And Cons Of The Medic Mod   Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:47 am

I do know that 2 other people put their input on this but i wanted to make one from a gamemaster's point of view AND the actual players point of view

The Old Medic System

Pros from a GMs Perspective

Gms can have more of "challenging events making them spawn more enemies and try out new things like dogfights and other vehicle warfare

Gms Dont have to worry about accidentally wiping out the entire squad and delaying the rest of the event by 3 minutes

Gming Appeals to more players which cause more people to apply for GM

Pros from a players perspective

People dont have to wait 3 minutes to respawn.

Medic battalion seems less stressful and more appealing to players.

Events with one medic can actually work

Events become more fun since your not sitting there for a sixth of the time

Cons about the old system from Gm's Perspective

Events instantly become harder to be made tactical

People will sprint into buildings guns blazing

People will do stupid ass things like jumping off of buildings.

Cons about the Old System from a players perspective

Allies wont follow orders because they think *I can just respawn*

People have to deal with minges and cadets that find ways to use the old system to their advantage

The New System

Pros of the New system from a Gm's View

We can make events much more tactical

Its easy to see that we are overspawning

People arnt sprinting into battle

Pros of the new system from a Players view

More tactical events

Less stupid Actions such as jumping off buildings

Challenge for Medics

Cons Of the new system from a players view

Takes much longer to respawn

People spend a sixth of the time in events waiting to either be revived or to be respawned.

The medic Battalion seems much more difficult and less appealing for players.

Events with 0-1 medic are close to impossible

Attack battalions are having to stand back and not be the tanks they are supposed to be

When messing around in down time people have to spend most of the time waiting for a medic or to respawn

Cons of the new system from a GM's view

People Complain and Complain if you spawn too many droids because they miss some of the event

You sometimes have to stop spawning so people get revived and make some sort of excuse like the drop-ship is malfunctioning

If there arnt enough medics GM's have to stop spawning and help spawn shit for people to be revived

For less tactical events such as Casual Friday events that you want to be fast paced and less serious

When making events that use Dogfights in space you have to worry about reviving falling bodies from space

A system that i feel will work would be this

A system that made it so the reviving would take about 17 seconds but to actually respawn it would take your health times 0.07 seconds

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Pros And Cons Of The Medic Mod
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