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 Medic's Shit, and there's like 1 maybe good point.

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PostSubject: Medic's Shit, and there's like 1 maybe good point.   Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:34 pm

So, why am I posting this? Fuck man, just wanna get my feelings out there n' shit bruh.

So, why's medic shit? Well, for one the Admins want you to be the butt monkey of the game.

So, let's start from stats. To get your most optimized stats you gotta give up 66% fucking *damage*, so now you are useless because no amount of resistance or evades gonna help you drag a faggot from around the corner where a single droid or two is standing.

Oh yeah, and the *Resistance and Evade you get from it isn't even worth it*, you don't even come close to anything worth *shit* on either, and congrats, you get *5%* reflect, one of the most mediocre stats that only rarely works and needs evade to even theoretically start to *maybe* not get you to die in milliseconds.

And congrats, you get dual pistols- which if you do what they want, are also useless- and are only negligibly more useful (Due to slightly more fire rate) then the regular rifle.

Oh yeah! And your medic tools can't even fucking *heal you to full health*, so you gotta *spend money* to get your max or have another medic- oh wait, those don't *exist*, and even if they do, they're probably busy *dying or reviving people*, so you have to find this fuckwit to get a negligible amount of health, con fucking grats.

Oh, yeah, and your job? The thing you do? Costs you money. You literally have to AFK farm or you *can't play the game*, and you'll never break even, especially when people are dying left and right because they're fucking *stupid*.

Not to mention the latent sub-text of people acting like they know your job, or thinking you're too stupid and weak to understand how fighting or leading works.

It's just all kinda shitty, top to bottom, I'm pretty sure that staff don't even take our fucking recommendations that are 'The medics did good' seriously, and the stupid fucking excuse that 'The jobs about helping people and that's why you do it, so it's fine to bend you over and rape you' is fucking dumb.

Also people often don't even appreciate what you do enough to make it all matter- though that's more of my own personal encounters.

Medics have been nerfed so hard that at this point? I'm not sure if I can handle this shit, because I've been doing this shit all the way from CT to MSG, and it's just continuously gotten worse, and the medic mod, with how it's been set, and after the initial 'This is neat' has worn off, is just kinda boring at this point since 90% of it doesn't even exist because it's set *not to*.

Also no body groups and Guardian looks retarded.

The good point though? Purple looks pimpin' as fuck.



Playing with corpses is the funnest thing ever.
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PostSubject: Re: Medic's Shit, and there's like 1 maybe good point.   Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Medic's Shit, and there's like 1 maybe good point.   Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:17 am

Thanks for the feedback, based on your thoughts I've rolled out a quick update addressing a couple of your points.

The majority of medical equipment for medics do not cost any CP anymore. I didn't want medics to have empty wallets doing their job, but at the same time I didn't want intentional/unintentional entity spam.

Your talent tree is also significantly buffed in terms of end tier skills.

[Passive Aggression] now grants 33% resist instead of the 20% to match the debuff in damage.

[Hippocratic Pacifism] now grants max evasion (20%) instead of the original 12%. It also gives 5% reflect instead of the 0% so you will be able to have max reflect as well assuming you max out [Beginner's Luck]

Hopefully these changes help you guys out in the field and in roleplay. I'll be thinking over the weekend about how to reform medics to "not be so fucking shit".

- Cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Medic's Shit, and there's like 1 maybe good point.   

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Medic's Shit, and there's like 1 maybe good point.
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