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 Star Wars Server Update 10/8/17

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PostSubject: Star Wars Server Update 10/8/17   Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:31 pm

This time I made it to around 7:00am PST before I passed out. I unfortunately wasn't able to add in the medical mod because it looked like I needed to edit all of the medical jobs first, so A). I want to add the other medical tiers first and B). I was pretty dead at the time. Hopefully we'll add it in the near future, it just looked like such an overhaul at 6:00am it couldn't be done. The leveling system I believe would be more reasonable, I will look into it tonight if I remember.

Also, on a side note: Please don't use climbswep as a way to get around movement speed debuffs, obviously you're slow and meant to be slow. And I think we can all agree that climbswep fundamentally isn't supposed to fling you at insane speeds nor allow you to essentially fly across hangars. This is something we can't change unless we editted climbswep at it's core, which we can't. So instead we're going to warn you a bunch and then it'll be a short jail.

And while it's still fresh on my mind: Shock FailRP. I'll just give you an example, 1v1 against a sith lord and you use the arrest baton. I will find you. Don't do that. If there's 6 shock versus 1 sith lord MAYBE you can incapacitate him. Just part of the RP.

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Star Wars Server Update 10/8/17
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