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 Yanov/Icespear Backstory

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PostSubject: Yanov/Icespear Backstory   Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:04 pm


An insurgency has erupted on (insert planet name) after the Republic neglected the needs of native inhabitants and only gave services to Republic citizens.

The troopers were first sent to Yanov to protect the Republic embassy and medical facilities but quickly got overrun and pushed out. Captain Nam was assigned by Republic as the overseer of this operation, but with limitations...

The troopers would have to besiege the town of Yanov and refrain from attacking the town directly in order to minimize civilian casualties. They were split into three camps and were told to watch the town. At first, small parties of insurgents would go to attack the camps, but they would be quickly dealt with, but as the days passed on more and more insurgents came to fight. While these attacks were going on, multiple things involving Republic Command were happening.

1. A Republic spy was sent into the town to spread defeatism and doubt.

2. Food supplies were being refused despite Captain Nam’s attempts to persuade Command to get food to the troops.

Days and then weeks rolled by, with attacks constant and food nearly out. A supply LAAT was sent but was quickly shot down by the insurgency as it flew over the town. The troops had an ounce of hope, but would have to go without food for a few more days. Then, bad news. The Republic spy dispatched by Command was found out and executed by the insurgency. They hung him on top of the tower for all to see. This boosted insurgent moral temporarily and encouraged them to do suicidal charges. However, every time one camp was overwhelmed, the troopers would swing back and repel the fanatics. Finally, a supply LAAT approached and successfully landed and the troopers could eat again. More things were happening behind the scenes.

1.The citizens began to slowly lose faith in the insurgency and decided to form their own group to oppose them. They were quickly put down and hung on the same pole holding the spy.

2.Captain Nam was given approval for a orbital mine clearing device that would allow the troopers to advance into the city without losing their legs.

More desperate attacks came from the insurgents who even forced children and women into the fight. Despite all this, the troopers held their ground. Finally, Captain Nam was given control of the mine clearing device and cleared the mines for the troops, but Command gave a hold order.

Captain Nam had to persuade Command to lift the hold order in order to liberate the town, but this was going to take time. The troopers would have to impatiently wait while fending off more desperate insurgent attacks. The hold order was lifted and the city was liberated, but insurgent war crimes left their mark. Horrifying sights of mass graves and charred bodies could be seen inside the city. The citizens learned their lesson and some of the other towns and cities on the planet decided to put down their arms as well.

Icespear (shitty event):
Tried to do a story line like Yanov, but it went bad. Didn’t have an effecient “blizzard” system and people didn’t give a shit about the blizzard anyways. However, what good thing that came out of the event was that the Mayor was captured and he had information on the locations of the last insurgent strongholds: Coldshore, Evergreen, and the Rocket Facility.

Now that you're all caught up, see you on Friday!
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Yanov/Icespear Backstory
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