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 Ranking Guidelines

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PostSubject: Ranking Guidelines   Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:12 pm

Ranking up in Dark Matter RP may be a cake walk or hell for you, and since many of you are confused I've decided to put up a few of the requirements that we have for ranking up. I will also add some tips that will get you flying through the ranks, not really, but it helps.

NOTICE: Promotions are spaced out by ATLEAST 4 - 5 days once you get to LCPL. This is set so that you don't jump too quickly, sorry!

(If you think you've been neglected, post an application on Discord, please have a minimum of a week of not being promoted before you post.)

NOTICE 2: If you find yourself promoted but haven't met one of these requirements, we either see you as a loyal member of Dark Matter and deserve one, or we feel really bad for you, but don't count on this all the time. If you want to be sure that you get promoted, follow these guidelines.

CT to PVT: Easiest rank up of your life. Attend one to three events, depending on how much of a minge you are.

PVT to PFC: Play even more events, listen to orders, and don't be a minge.

PFC to LCPL: This is a leap. If you aren't a cunt, then you'll get here rather quickly. Just do what you did for PFC but get a bit more serious.

LCPL to CPL: Show signs of comradery (make friends with people and actually have people like you) and also minimal signs of leadership. Make sure to follow orders and all that other stuff.

CPL to SGT: Many will get bottle-necked at this point. You MUST show signs of leadership since officers will pass orders down to you, and you will need to either be a hell of a good typer or have a mic. If you aren't a great typer or don't have a mic, it will be nearly impossible to lead a squad. You also get to train at this rank, but first you must be certified. If you want to be certified, ask for an officer or an already certified sergeant to supervise you.

SGT to 1SG+: Ranking past SGT will now be based on leadership and how well you can execute the jobs given to you by Command and officers. If there are no officers around or Command is at the bathroom, then you need to make your own plans.

SGM to Warrant Officer: Wow, you finally made it here, but alas, you'll be bottle-necked here too. To finally become an officer, you must be a great leader and tactician which is developed during your time as a Sergeant. (Also, the Star Fighter Corps is open once you get here.)

WO to Senior Warrant Officer will be either a matter of time or just exemplary performance.

SWO to 2nd Lieutenant: Issuing the right orders to Sergeants and other troopers and ultimately securing victories for the Republic with your decisions will land you this position. 2nd LT comes with great responsibilities; you will now have a direct link to Command and will be able to call in support (like artillery and shiet, but not weapon crates...yet).

2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant: Just do what your job was for 2nd Lieutenant but better, that's all.

Lieutenant to Captain+: Do what you've been doing as a Lieutenant but even better...er? Uh... yeah. At this rank you can now not only call in support but also purchase special weaponry straight from Command for your troopers to use! Neat!

Commander Ranks: Good luck getting here.


Don't be an asshole, excessively.

Don't be annoying. - VERY IMPORTANT!

Don't be a minge (so basically 1 and 2)

Don't FailRP

Don't ask for promotions. - If you ask for a promotion, we'll not only say no but we probably won't consider promoting you for about two weeks.

Be kind. - It's really that easy. Of course, you can call someone a "gay jew man fag boi (insert N word)" once and a while but don't push it too far.

Don't break the rules. - We remember when you RDMed that random gay guy named Justice while he was watching videos, or that other time where you decided it was funny shooting up a hall way full of people, or that other time where you decided to glitch out of jail. If you break rules, you'll get demoted, and if you persist, we'll ban you. Personally, I won't have a problem banning a regular if they're excessively breaking the rules, I love you but you're being a (insert N word).

Don't kiss up to staff members. - If you are suddenly kind out of nowhere to staff members, follow them around, and shit like that... uh... we can fucking tell that you're trying to eat our asses. Treat us like normal players and call us a faggot once and a while.

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Ranking Guidelines
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