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 Mini-Update 1/26/14

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PostSubject: Mini-Update 1/26/14   Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:51 am

Hello, this update is pretty short, almost just like a patch.

Here's what we're doing/did:
Attempting to resolve server crash (We believe it to be corrupt data or corrupt addon, it's a software issue)
Added the Slum Lord job
Rebuffed printers back to their former glory.
Increased price of M249 from 5500 to 6250
Rebuffed Sapphire Donator printer back to $400 per print and added +$5 to all other printers
Increased Molotov price by 4000
Increased armor price by just a tad
Added a few test jobs
Planning a few events for the future
Really considering to change maps. Most likely either rp_bangclaw or rp_evilmelon or another version of downtown_v4

To solve the server crash, we're going to have to temp remove addons, to see which one is causing the problem. The first one will probably be the precision tool and Kevlar armor as they are the most likely to be the culprits.
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Mini-Update 1/26/14
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