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 JuJu Kreams Staff Application

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PostSubject: JuJu Kreams Staff Application   JuJu Kreams Staff Application I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 16, 2014 7:35 pm

1.Steam Name: JuJu_Kream. Rp Name: JuJu Kream

2. Something unique about me: Im very Caring, and what i mean by caring is that i will take my time to fix a problem and i use my time to help others.

3.Age: 13 about to be 14

4. Previous Experience: I am not going to lie i have no current Experience in any staff position on Garrys Mod.
5.What Can I Bring To Dark Matter RolePlay: I am a very kind person who has alot of patience. I can bring my time and creative ideas. I really enjoy joining new communities and making new friends in them. I believe if i became staff on this server i could impact the community with a positive. I also am a very patient person as i mentioned before, i will take my time to help someone if they are in trouble and or if they need any kind of assistance. Also i would stop people from breaking the rules.

6.Have You Read the rules: Yes Very Happy

7.Have you read the admin policy: Yes Smile

8.Do you have a microphone: Yes i do its built in

9.If i could be anyone in the world who would i be and why: I would probably have to be myself. Because i really enjoy my life as it is right now and have alot of great friends and good times.

10. if i could be any fruit in the world what fruit would i be and why: I would have to be a strawberry, because when you dip a strawberry in chocolate its really good.

11. have you been banned from Dark Matter RP, if so, why and how long: I have never been banned from this server and never hope to Smile

12.What Country am i in: United States Of America

13.Is there anything i would like to change,recommend,remove from Dark Matter RP: No there isn't this server is really fun and i really enjoy it.

14.Which Server am i applying for: Dark Matter RP

15. Anything Else About me: I really enjoy to watch youtube videos and play video games. I enjoy watching Anime in my free time too. I play Soccer. Im a very friendly person and that's all i got to say. Thank You for reading this and i hope you have a great day Very Happy
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JuJu Kreams Staff Application
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