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 How To Fix MOST Bugs With GMOD

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How To Fix MOST Bugs With GMOD Empty
PostSubject: How To Fix MOST Bugs With GMOD   How To Fix MOST Bugs With GMOD I_icon_minitimeSun May 25, 2014 10:49 pm

These bugs include random crashes, Mirroring( carrying same image when u look around), failure to lock vertex buffer, etc

Step 1: Go to steam and click Library

Step 2: Right click Gary's mod

Step 7-1/2: click properties

Step 4: Click Local files ( a tab in the window you have opened up)

Step 5: Click "Verify Game Cache"

It will take a little while to reprocess. If this works it should say when your finished something similar too that 1 or more files have been changed/deleted and will be replaced

Step 6: Exit steam and Relog

Step 7: Get back on Gary's mod

Step 8: Get lotion and tissues and play DarkRP
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How To Fix MOST Bugs With GMOD
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