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 3/29/14 Staff Update

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PostSubject: 3/29/14 Staff Update   Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:33 am

As promised, to celebrate our new expansion with a new server which will be up soon, we're delivering on our promise to update the staff ranks! This time we were super lenient on the requirements.

New Staff Members:
Big Boss (Operator)
KickButtYoda (Operator)
xrayz3r (Operator)
Sorren (Operator)
Mubbey (Operator)

Promoted Staff Members:

Psyche (Moderator)
Cosmo (Moderator)
Genesis WOULD have made Moderator, but he's inactive...

I do not have the time to run through the staff steps with you, how to use it, etc. Please just msg an admin to help you, etc. I'll try to do whatever I can in the time I have, but no promises.

Note to all staff members, please make sure to read/reread the 3/2/2014 Staff Announcement!
Here's a direct link: http://darkmatterroleplay.forumotion.com/t232-3-2-2014-staff-announcement
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3/29/14 Staff Update
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