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 Upcomming News/Updates for December 2013

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PostSubject: Upcomming News/Updates for December 2013   Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:07 pm

Hello, for this wintery month we have lots planned for the community! We would like to share with everyone what we plan to do, so there are no surprises, and absolutely no bullshit.

Here's our plan for the month of December 2013:

1. There may be a possible printer booster event sometime during Christmas Break, it won't be long, so rake in as much cash as you can!
2. VIP Sale/Event during Christmas Week (More details coming soon!)
3. Giving 1-2 free VIPs. There will be a thread about this so keep your eyes open!
4. Working on the next update, which will include the addition of multiple classes/jobs such as Swat Commando, AnCo CEO, and AnCo Follower. (These will probably be regular jobs so no donations needed to play with these jobs)
5. We will continue to work out and fix bugs as the server is freshly out of Beta.
6. We will be keeping the Christmas map until sometime in January or maybe even until February if it's in popular demand.
7. Possibly accepting Staff if community grows. If we do, it will probably be around the start of Christmas Break, so get your supports in!
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Upcomming News/Updates for December 2013
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