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 Knittler Staff Application

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PostSubject: Knittler Staff Application   Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:03 am

1. Steam /RP name is Knittler
2. most know this by now but I like dark offensive humor, and I am very sarcastic
3. 14 about 2 months and I will be 15 years old
4. Experience wise no but you do have to start somewhere but I do think I would do well at it
5. well I already brought two more people along with myself and I have donated
6. yes I have read the rules
7. yes I have read the admin policy
8. I have a mic and that is about all I use for communication you will rarely see me type
9. If I could be anybody I would be Andrew Jackson. Mainly because he is the one president other then Obama that I know a lot about
10. If I could be any fruit in the world I would be none of them I hate fruit.
11. Was I ever banned from the server? I don't know actually if I was it was no more then 24 hours and I was unbanned before the time was up.
12. What country am I in. United States
13. There is only two things I would change is the rule of 1 fading door per base and change it to two or three depending on the size of the base, and I would make BMDs to be allowed to have SMGs rather then only pistols.
14. Oh good my chance to appeal to you, in all honesty I like this server more then other servers because staff actually use there brains and are fair. By that I mean they don't just go exactly by the rules they actually make there own decisions based on the situation, and the fact that they jail people for 69 seconds and use 69 a lot witch I love particularly.
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PostSubject: Re: Knittler Staff Application   Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:55 am

User has not met the prerequisites. Please read them before applying again!

Topic has been locked.
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Knittler Staff Application
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