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 A friendly Staff policy reminder...

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PostSubject: A friendly Staff policy reminder...   Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:54 pm

This topic applies to all current staff members and people that are looking to become one in the future.

Over the past few weeks, there has been many new players for sure. And, I believe that this influx of new community members have put a strain on our current staff. This has resulted in negative behavior and a decline in server morale/prestige due to staff being over stressed-out.

Here is a reminder that we are currently a casual, semi-serious, laid-back, lax (Easy-going) community-based server. Our goal right now is to build a community, not tear it down. With that said, here is the part of the staff policy I want you all to enforce with your greatest effort.

Considering the fact that we are generally lax but strict, we are strict AND harsh to new players. Now, how we define new players is as follows. For a lack of a better name, we'll use the name Snackk as an example here in this scenario. Snackk joins the game for the first time, he plays and has a good time. The next day, Snackk joins again but RDMs 2 people on accident in a crossfire. Some players call an admin for mass RDM and Snackk gets perma banned for a mistake that he did not even get to argue.

Now what is wrong with this scenario? Here is what we need to fix, and now.

Keep in mind that we are lax in everything you do. See someone breaking a rule? Kindly remind him first. If they keep causing trouble, have a friendly conversation with him, one to one, to make sure he understands the rule.

Someone "mass-RDMing"? Unless it's obvious MassRDM, freeze/jail them first, then make sure that it was mass RDM. Perma banning someone raiding and killing people in the crossfire has/will happen.

Trolls/griefers/minges that immediately start causing chaos should now be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Do not troll them/making a public scene. If you want to rage and troll the crap out of them, bring them to an isolated part of the map that NOBODY ELSE CAN SEE, and then you are free to do whatever with him.

Reminders on being lax:

Max jail time is 60 seconds, period (Unless you're emergency jailing a minge/griefer)

The max ban for anybody that is not Mass RDMing/seriously detrimental to the server is 2 days.

Usually, bans should be 30 minutes to 2 hours. Minor/repeated offences should only be a kick, no need to use the ban hammer.

Taking action without listening to both sides of the argument/story will result in the user to be unbanned immediately if they choose to submit a Unban Request, and if they submit a Report Abuse thread for a below-average staff member, you will immediately be demoted/placed on probation. Make sure you're fair with your actions/behaviors.

Staff members are encouraged to ROLEPLAY. This server is casual and laidback, organize events, do whatever. Raiding isn't the only thing to do on the server.

The only time I should see you guys using teleport/taking action is if someone states they need help in admin chat. Otherwise it will count as potential staff abuse and you will be interrogated.

Now that this "rant" has been covered, if this continues to be an issue, I will literally check the console log line by line, cracking down on abusers/garbage staff members. You have all been warned.

Any questions/concerns please leave a comment or pm me on the forums. I'll get back to you ASAP.
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A friendly Staff policy reminder...
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