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 Notice to all wanting Operator...

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PostSubject: Notice to all wanting Operator...   Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:35 am

All requirements and pre-requisites will now be enforced. We have enough registered forum users to not allow any more leeway in the Staff Applications area. This effects all NEW staff applicants. Old applicants will have to meet the requirements by the time for promotions or their threads will be locked. New applicants must meet these requirements upon posting and will be checked, or else their forum thread will be locked.

Here are the requirements that will be checked -

Please do not apply unless you have at least approx 12 hours logged on the server!

Please join our steam group before applying so it will be easier to find you!

Please have at least 30 legit forum posts before applying!

In regards to staff members being promoted, those requirements have been and will continue to be evaluated.
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Notice to all wanting Operator...
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